How To Choose A Supervisor In Building A Project

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that you need the services of a supervisor so that the construction results are as desired, especially if you do not understand construction and do not have time to supervise house projects. Unfortunately, not many know how to choose a good supervisory service. That’s why Emporio Architect also shares 4 tips on choosing a supervisory service to oversee construction work. Although overall the previous 5P methods can be used, there are things that need to be underlined when choosing supervisory services as follows.

1. Make sure you have a background in civil and/or architectural education

Choose the services of a supervisor who is experienced, has handled and supervised several projects and has a background in civil or architectural engineering education. Make sure the supervisory service also often handles projects with similar building types (eg houses) and gets feedback, testimonials, or positive reviews from past clients.

2. Professional and reliable

Make sure the supervisory service you choose is a professional and trusted supervisory service with a physical office with a clear address. It is even better if this supervisory service company has a good reputation, is widely known and has a clear website and contact person. Also check prices, payment systems, work systems and the supervisory service contract.

3. Able to communicate well

Because one of the supervisor’s duties is to bridge the communication between you and the workers in the field, then look for the services of a supervisor who is able to communicate well. The supervisory service must be able to convey something well and effectively so that there is no miscommunication between you, the supervisory service and also the contractor’s service.

4. Can read bestek pictures and understand workflow

Finally, seek the services of an experienced and professional supervisor with a civil or architectural education background so that they can read technical drawings/technical drawings and understand the correct workflow. Therefore, if the architect service you use has supervisory services, it is better to use it because the default supervisor from the architect consultant you use is certainly better able to read the bestek drawings from the architect’s design at the company.